Why Is Life So Hard? It Just Shouldn’t Be.

Why Is Life So Hard? It Just Shouldn't Be.
Why Is Life So Hard? It Just Shouldn’t Be.

Why Is Life So Hard? It Just Shouldn’t Be.

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When we are born, we come with a clean slate. We know nothing about the world around us and we go through our days without any worries or stressors.

And then we grow up. And as we do that, our life changes.

As I have embarked on this life journey to make myself a better human, it has become even more clear to me that life just isn’t an easy thing to maneuver. Why is life so hard? We get up and go to work and grind all day, we come home and grind some more. We try to make time for people but it’s never enough. Our lives revolve around doing our best, but it’s always just mediocre.

There are so many days that I get so annoyed, so frustrated. I can feel myself on the verge of tears and I’m doing my best to hold them back. And I just sit in this pit of feeling sorry for myself and asking over and over, why is life so hard?

Life should be daffodils and butterflies. It should be a fully rested sleep every night and a worry free mind. You should feel fulfilled in what you do and not have to seek it out. Life should be surrounded by love and happiness.

But it isn’t. WHY is life so hard?

Life is just plain difficult most days. Whether it’s deadlines, life responsibilities, physical health, mental health – there are so many competing issues.

And then there’s each other.

I swear, the biggest obstacle I have faced since trying to better myself is other people.

It seems anytime I do something positive, there’s another person who thinks negatively of me. Maybe it’s just a fleeting thought. Or maybe it’s people separating themselves from me. Regardless, the reception is not always 100% positive.

Life is not a competition. It is about empowering each other to be as happy as possible in this life that we are given.

Why can’t we be happy for ourselves AND happy for other people?

Is it really that hard to do both?

For example, I belong to many writing groups. Some people are great. I can go to them and ask for help with something and they go out of their way to help me do my best. Then there are others who see helping me as creating competition for themselves and won’t lift a finger.

There is room out here for all of us.

I’m not here to make your life more difficult, I’m here to pursue my own happiness. And what I want more than anything, is for other people to be doing the same.

So I’m not going to step on you. That’s not part of the journey that I’m on. This journey is primarily for me, but also to strengthen others through my own difficult learnings. Work smarter, not harder. If I can save someone from the difficult times that I have had by sharing what I have already learned and gone through – why not?

We need to be each others allies, not enemies. Encourage, not discourage. Empower, not disenfranchise. Love, not hate.

Life is hard, but it should not be. Let’s do our best to eliminate the barriers for everyone so that we can all enjoy this amazing gift that we were given.


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