Leaving A Legacy And Why It Is Important

The events that happened this week are forcing me to think about things I have pushed aside.


The Best Of Chicago With Mini Humans

Six years ago we branched out on our own for Thanksgiving. Now we have two mini humans along for the ride.

Christmas Before Thanksgiving: Settled By My 5 Year Old

Have you been going back and forth on when to put up your Christmas decor? Or do you prefer to wait?

Why Do I Want To Cry Every Night?

During a difficult time last week, I googled: Why Do I Want To Cry Every Night? And then I knew things needed to change.

Disney Junior Shows Have Made Me A Better Human

I thought I was just laughing at a cartoon characters mishap on a Disney Junior show, but it was much worse.

What Do You Do With A Sick Child?

As a mom, we look for anything that will help us do our job better. Having helpful websites to go to during a time of need with a sick child is a huge asset.