What Do You Do With A Sick Child?

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What Do You Do With A Sick Child?

What Do You Do With A Sick Child? Medical Websites for Mom’s.

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The position of mother has no real job description. But the gist of it is to love endlessly, sleep sporadically, and worry constantly. Doesn’t that sounds about right?

The majority of my worries–especially as of late–pertain to my children’s health. As a working mother, my children go to daycare and school. They are around every type of illness imaginable and they are also really good at sharing those germs! One child will be recovering and on her way back to school, and the other one will start coughing. It’s never ending!

What Do You Do With A Sick Child?

The hardest thing for me, outside of trying to navigate time off of work to take care of them, is knowing whether or not they are “doctor-visit sick” or “ride it out sick.” With co-pays and wait times, it’s not an easy task to make a trip to the doctor. And also – paying a co-pay just for the doctor to tell you it’s a standard virus that they have to get through without medication? That just makes you feel like you’re just throwing money out of your pocket for nothing.

To top it off, being the caretaker of a sick child doesn’t allow for copious extra time. Researching symptoms on a million different websites to better formulate your plan of action is not a quick method. Thankfully in the many bouts of sickness that I’ve had to deal with I’ve come across a few sites that just give it to me straight. They are reliable, reputable, and make my sickness struggles so much easier.

“Tell it to me straight” Medical Websites for Mom’s:

  • KidsHealth: This site offers information not just for parents, but for kids and teens as well. It’s easily laid out with information about even the most rare conditions. Think that your kid may have Dengue Fever? If you do, you can learn all about it, along with its symptoms. KidsHealth is a wealth of information in one central location.
  • HealthyChildren.org: Run by American Academy of Pediatrics, this website offers a lot of information about infant, child, and adolescent well-being. Not only do they cover health issues, but also mental illness and family dynamics. The site provides an expansive array of articles to reference if you have concerns about your child’s development or questions about a vaccine. 
  • About Kids Health: This is the official consumer health site from The Hospital for Sick Children. It provides evidence-based health information in an easy-to-understand format. Similar to KidsHealth, the site includes microsites designed to be read by children and teens.

While these are my preferred sites, there are quite a number of high-quality pediatric health sites on the web. Do you have a go to online reference for times like these? I’d be interested to hear your suggestions in the comments section!

As a mom, we look for anything that will help us do our job better. Having helpful websites to go to during a time of need is a huge asset. Finding the information we so desperately need helps us to formulate the best plan for our children. And with the additional time given back to us from helpful websites we can focus on snuggling our babies to get them better and back to normal quickly.


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