5 Road Trip Essentials For Your Beloved Mini Passengers

5 Road Trip Essentials For Your Beloved Mini Passengers
5 Road Trip Essentials For Your Beloved Mini Passengers

5 Road Trip Essentials For Your Beloved Mini Passengers

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Although it’s likely expected, the essentials on this list are not vodka, Benedryl, Xanax, ear plugs and a nanny with a separate vehicle.

No, these are items that help you not need those referenced above. Although any road trip calls for extreme measures at some point in the excursion, these will hopefully make it fewer and farther between.

It’s taken me roughly five years to find out exactly what works and what doesn’t. So essentially it’s one learning per year! That’s both great and pathetic.

So without further ado….

5 Road Trip Essentials For Your Beloved Mini Passengers

  1. Car Seat Travel Tray and Messenger Bag This was a total impulse purchase. It happened days before driving to Green Bay for Easter with the in-laws. What I love most about it is all the different compartments. It has little side bags for holding crayons, an area for a tablet, area to color and little storage areas for small toys. This helps keep everything in one solid spot. Also it keeps my sanity in place. I don’t hear constant whining about how my daughter dropped this and my daughter dropped that.
  2. Kindle Fire. My kids don’t have tablets or anything at home, so we finally bought a Kindle Fire before our drive to Nashville last winter. We had an older Android tablet but it was showing its age and didn’t stay charged for long. This one was cheap and we only needed it for one thing – watching movies and shows. This holds a charge for a stupid long time. I don’t even know how it does it. This past May I took the kids to Indianapolis for the weekend. This stayed charged the entire way there and back (about 8 hours). That was with them watching different things on it about 75% of the time.
  3. Five Below/Dollar Store Items. I always put a basket in between the two carseats on the back seat. I put books and their favorite toys in there, and then I put new things in there that they aren’t expecting. If I’m on top of my game I put aside one of their playdoh sets ahead of time so that they forget about and get excited to play with it again. More often than not though I go to Five Below and the Dollar Tree and get new coloring books, crayons and something new to play with.
  4. Jool Baby Travel Potty Seat. I have a really great working relationship with the people at Jool, and when I saw their new travel potty seat I asked if I could try it out. Well, not me personally. I had my daughter in mind. She’s such a tiny little thing, and it’s often hard for her to balance herself on the big public toilets. Mom isn’t about to haul her toilet insert from home around in her purse, so she often just has to deal. But this folds up and comes with its own carrying bag. Parker freaked out when she saw it. She can carry it with her, it sits right down on the toilet, and then she can put it right back just as easily. I’m excited to have it for when we start the process with little brother here soon. You all know what a headache it is to have a potty-training child when you’re out in public. I only wish I had this for the first go-around.
  5. Chicco Caddy Hook-On Chair. I personally feel that this was one of our best travel investments. My husband doesn’t but his opinion isn’t important here. He doesn’t like to carry around extra items. I like to have things that make it so I don’t have to hold a baby on my lap to eat all the time when we’re in a hotel. When Connor was tiny I would travel with him for work. I would hook this up to the desk in the hotel room and that’s where he would eat his puffs and such and play with a few toys if I needed him to be in one place for a period of time. When we went to Chicago for Thanksgiving, we hooked this up to the in-room dining table and Connor had a place to sit while we ate our Thanksgiving dinner. And it folds right down to fit flat into your suitcase. Win-Win-Win. Here are some other options that are just as great too.

As time goes on, I am sure that these recommendations will change to reflect the current season of life that we are in, but I am sure that these will always be useful to someone.


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