Building vs Buying. Which Is The Better Option?

Which Is The Better Option? Building vs. Buying.
Which Is The Better Option? Building vs. Buying.

Building vs Buying. Which Is The Better Option?

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So here’s the thing all.

I have expensive taste. But I have an Ikea budget.

For a long time I just got the most expensive Ikea items, but that quickly turned on me. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good Ikea trip just like anybody. Those meatballs….amiright?! But furniture wise, I really just want quality things that last.

For some items, we have saved up to buy the more expensive version. Case in point is our couch. I couldn’t even begin to add up how many cheap or hand me down couches we had before we spent good money to buy a nice, well made one that would last.

For other things, we have developed our talents a bit. And looked at building vs. buying.

So I’m going to quickly turn this to talk about my husband. I am going to do this because the extent of developing my part of the “our talents” is that I learned how to spray paint. This happened because I bought an end table for my daughters room for $5 and spray painted it white. And then I went through a phase where I wanted copper colored accents in my living room, so I sprayed all of my picture frames copper.

So now that you know my skills, let’s talk about the spouse.

He has for sure upped his talent level at a super fast speed. When we bought our first house (at the super young age of 19), his renovation skills were….green. At best.

But now? Just look at these:

Cord-hiding, Built-in Entertainment Center - Building vs. Buying
Cord-hiding, Built-in Entertainment Center
Custom Coffee Bar. Building vs. Buying
Custom Coffee Bar
Children's Bunk Beds
Children’s Bunk Beds
King-sized Farmhouse Bed
King-sized Farmhouse Bed
Refinished Garage Sale Find
Refinished Table and Custom Coffee Bar
Refinished Table and Custom Coffee Bar
Custom Farmhouse Dining Table. Building vs. Buying
Custom Farmhouse Dining Table
Custom Children's Learning Tower
Custom Children’s Learning Tower

Can I get a collective “damnnnnnnn” from the group?

Because I mean, COME ON! How amazing is his work?!

And you know how he did it? YouTube and Google. He taught himself how to do all of these projects and bought the needed tools. There’s a book and a resource for everything.

Which Is The Better Option? Building vs. Buying.

In summary, for the cost of one expensive piece of furniture, we got all of the above. And also all the tools to continue on in the future.

Next on the docket is a custom playroom and a CNC router.

However, if you really feel like this isn’t something you can take on yourself, there are people who would love to do it for you. I just discovered that someone from my hometown is doing some amazing work with refurbished pieces of furniture. It’s a great alternative because it’s more budget-friendly but is custom, unique and brand new! Check them out at Delightful Designs!


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