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Kristyn Meyer - A Human In Training
Kristyn Meyer – A Human In Training

About A Human In Training

Kristyn Meyer is a mama and wife from Michigan. She lives in a tiny town with her husband (Jacob), younger children (Parker and Connor) and puppy (Leo). Her oldest child (Jake) lives about an hour away with his girlfriend and son. She started this blog as a spur of the moment decision on her 34th birthday when she had an unsettling realization that she was very unhappy with her life. She set out on a mission to change that and is now in the process of chasing her own happiness. Her writings allow you to follow her on this journey…and to learn from her mistakes 😉

She is now on the path to turn her learnings into a book. Hopefully in the future you will see this on a bookstore bookshelf near you! And if you’re a literary agent or publisher and want to work with her, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

For all inquiries and questions, including those involving speaking engagements, freelance opportunities, sponsored posts or publishing, please email kristyn.nic@gmail.com.

Additional Information About A Human In Training:

Kristyn is a Today Community Contributor, as well as freelancer on websites such as Mother Hustler, Jool Baby Products, Elephant Journal and Bolde.

TODAY.com Parenting Team Parenting Contributor

Kristyn is also the author of two children’s books, check them out below!

“Brother of Mine: Adoption of Love” is about the bond between her oldest son and young daughter. Due to teenage adoption, there is a large age gap between the two of them, but it doesn’t hold back the bond that they share.

“I Don’t Know” chronicles the daily conversations between mother and daughter after the school day ends. Finding out the day’s events is always a struggle, but humor makes it easier!

Our Puppy Leo
Our Puppy Leo