Self Care Plan – Needs To Be Top Priority!

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Self Care Plan – Needs To Be Top Priority!

Self Care Plan – Needs To Be Top Priority!

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2019 is off to a great start.

It truly is, but I have been so sick over the past week.

One day, years and years ago, I was watching the Kelly Ripa and Whoever show. There have been a lot of people hosting with her throughout the years, I don’t know who was with her during that point in time. I remember this story about her kids and husband being sick. They decided to haul everyone to the doctor’s office to do strep tests. Her youngest thought it was scary and didn’t want to get swabbed. After trying to tell him it would be fine over and over again, she finally just had the doctor swab her throat. This way she could show her son what it’s like. As the doctor went to do it, he said: “Kelly, your throat is extremely red, you must feel horrible!”

And she was like, no – I’m fine. I’m not the sick one, all of them are sick. And the doctor said no, she was definitely sick.

She had strep as well but didn’t even realize she was sick because she was so busy taking care of everything else.

Mom’s Need To Make A Self Care Plan!

Well this past week, on Tuesday night, I was rushing around. We are doing last minute things on the house before pictures on Wednesday. It was about 8:30PM and I finally sat down with the baby. Most everything done, except for a few quick things to take care of in the morning. After a few minutes of relaxing, I started getting a really bad headache. And I felt exhausted. I took both kids upstairs with me, piled all of us into my bed, and went to sleep.

The headache stuck around all night until I finally got up at 4:30AM to get some medicine.

The next morning I went off to work, and my chest just felt tight and heavy. I wasn’t coughing a ton, but I knew that what I was feeling was exactly what happens when I get bronchitis. But bronchitis comes after having cold-like symptoms for a bit, and I hadn’t had that. I didn’t know what was going on. I told my boss that I was going to run to Urgent Care to get it checked out. Then I would plan on going back to work.

However, I didn’t end up going back to work for a day and a half.

As the doctor is listening to my breathing and checking me over, she just keeps asking me – are you sure that you have felt fine up until now? I told her yeah, I just got a headache last night and that’s when it all started. She told me that I had bronchitis and a sinus infection and that it had been in my system for quite a bit. I thought back. We came back from our trip on a Wednesday the week before, went to work on Thursday. But I was exhausted all day. I ended up taking Friday as a vacation day so I could rest. But the weekend was pretty filled with getting the house ready.

And then the week started right back up again.

I pulled a Kelly Ripa.

Because I was so busy with everything else, that I didn’t even realize how crummy I felt.

I was thinking I was tired! There is a lot going on! But as soon as everything was all together – the house ready for pictures – my body started relaxing and the illness surfaced.

I am taking three different medications.

They are helping – albeit very slowly. I actually went back today because the wheezing and congestion are still there. They did x-rays and it hasn’t gone into pneumonia, but because I have asthma it takes longer for my lungs to heal. So I am trying to be patient and let my body heal.

Mom’s NEED to take care of themselves just as much as they take care of everyone else!

We need to drill this into our heads!

Mom’s Need To Make A Self Care Plan!

But the new year hasn’t been all bad health and impatience. I have a wonderful life, wonderful family and I am well on my way to being the successful and amazing person that I desire!


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