How To Be A Good Mom

A visit from a friend made me feel like an incapable mother. But was I really?


Racism – Am I Teaching It and Implicit Bias To My Children?

In thinking of my own upbringing in regards to racism and implicit bias, it became worrisome to me that my children will go down the same path.

Defiant Toddler. Is He Going To Be A Felon?

I came across an article about second-born children having a higher likelihood of criminal behavior. My defiant toddler?!

Sugar Cravings Are Too Much, And It’s About To Stop

I decided to take on a personal challenge of going without sugar for all of February. Sugar cravings be gone!

Radical Acceptance Is Key To A Peaceful Life

For a long time I've been unhappy about a few key things. How do I move past them? Radical Acceptance is the way to go.