How To Make Your Husband Happy

couple holding hands, showing how to make your husband happy
How To Make Your Husband Happy

How To Make Your Husband Happy

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So just right off the top –

If you have come across this blog because you typed in: “How To Make Your Husband Happy” in Google and found this, then please do read until the end.

But also, and most importantly, remember that having happiness in a relationship does not sit only on your shoulders.

Do you know the single, most greatest way to make your husband happy?

A simple, easy fix that will have him riding waves of joy for all of eternity?

Do you? Do you know how to make your husband happy in the snap of your fingers?

Yeah, neither do I. And I don’t believe such a thing exists.

But what I do know is that there is a lot of truth to “happy wife, happy life” and “happy spouse, happy house”.

That is because if YOU are happy, truly happy, then others around you will be as well. When YOU feel fulfilled in what you do, and are at peace with the way that your life is, that will trickle down to your spouse and kids.

When I have a bad day, or even just an off day, it changes the atmosphere in the entire house. No, this isn’t because the world revolves around me or anything like that. It’s the same when my husband is in a mood, or the kids are extra whiny. It just puts everyone else on edge.

So, I’d say step one in “How To Make Your Husband Happy” is to make yourself happy first.

What I can also say is what I have learned over the past 17 years of relationshipping/co-habitating/married life.

Those are as follows:

  1. Everything can be talked about. It may not be able to be completed in one sitting, but you can take several sessions to do it. If it gets too heated, you can pause the conversation and come back to it.
  2. Support is essential, but so is reality. Supporting each other in dreams and goals is very important, but reality has to have a place as well. When I started working from home, I had a ton of business ideas that I wanted to get started on right away. My husband helped me to realize how overwhelming it would be to do all of them at once and it made me take a second look.
  3. Honesty is the best policy. There’s no point in lying about your feelings. It’s your life just as much as it is your spouses. If you feel a very strong aversion to something, you need to speak up. And same for your partner. Marriage is not about making one person happy, it’s about the both of you.
  4. Nobody gets to win. I hate when I see relationships where the woman always gets what she wants or vice versa. I do enjoy when my husband sides with me on my thoughts and ideas, but I also know how annoyed I would be if it never happened. It can’t always be one person’s way. You have to give and take at times.
  5. Accept the faults. There are things that I have disliked about my husband for years. For starters, I don’t think any other person can chew quite as loud as he can. And I really don’t understand his need to watch every football game live instead of recording it. But at the end of the day, there are things I know he doesn’t like about me either. But I still love him and accept him, even with the ridiculous chewing.

So, how do you make your husband happy?

Make yourself happy. And have a fair and authentic relationship. Put in the work and the effort, and never stop striving for the best between the two of you.

Oh yeah, and love each other. That too.


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