Repetition Is The Best Way To Learn

letter blocks showing repetition, which is the best way for a person to learn.
Repetition is the best way to learn.

Repetition Is The Best Way To Learn

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How many times did we sing our ABC’s in kindergarten?

We all know that the best way for our children to learn is through repetition. Doing it over and over again cements it into their brains and helps them to remember. This is also the reason why children’s programming plays reruns as often as they do.

But I don’t think that we realize the same is true for adults.

I’ve had this realization as of late. I’m not sure if it’s due to my mom’s birthday that happened recently, but I have been struggling with things that have happened in the past. Because of that I have found myself getting mad all over again about things that I thought I was okay with.

What I have realized is that just because I have gone through it easier before, doesn’t mean that I’ve fully learned how to deal with it. Just because I have used radical acceptance in the past to get through a difficult time doesn’t mean that I’m cured. But it means that I have found something to make it easier, and that I need to continue using it and tweaking it as I need to.

I need to practice repetition.

All the coping skills I have put it in my toolkit need to be used each time a reason comes into play. And like the wheels of a car, I need to keep going and going until I get to where I want to be.

Will I be 100% in the future? Nobody knows. Our brains are a complex thing that we can’t control. Anything can trigger a response that is undesired.

But what I can do is continue to train my brain to think in a different way. I can move through the process to make it feel more natural. Hopefully this will lead to a higher level of peace within myself.

Above all, I need to remember to be patient. And kind to myself. Time heals all wounds.


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