Letter To My Daughter: Please Focus On This.

To my beautiful child, I don't desire for you to be the smartest. I want you happy and kind instead.


Family Strategic Planning Is A Thing And It’s Great

I wanted a firmer plan in place for 2020 than what I did in 2019. This was a great option for what I was looking for.

Forgiveness Is More Than Saying Sorry

You know how sometimes a message comes to you during the times that you need it most? That's what happened to me this weekend.

The Best Of Chicago With Mini Humans

Six years ago we branched out on our own for Thanksgiving. Now we have two mini humans along for the ride.

Passion To Profit: Shannon Cohen

The first interview in our Passion To Profit series. Read about Shannon Cohen's journey to make her passion into profit!

Christmas Before Thanksgiving: Settled By My 5 Year Old

Have you been going back and forth on when to put up your Christmas decor? Or do you prefer to wait?