A Human In Training

Reader Reviews:

Amazing posts that are super relatable!

Lia Palmer

Kristyn and Jacob are amazing parents. Kristyn loves to share the ups and downs of life. I find this soo cathartic. Keep it up girl. Your momma knows what you do. Love you all!!

Karen McCarthy

Such a funny writer, a great read for busy moms everywhere.

Amy Hopkins St. Peter

I invite you read, like and share “A Human in Training “. The writer is funny, talented and puts her emotions out for the world to read… in a blog. Why??? Because they are her gift of expression that we all dare to feel. Life experiences written with vulnerability , humor and love. The author is my beautiful daughter-in-law! Kristyn Meyer has written a couple of Children’s books and is on her way to becoming a rising author. The next “Erma Bombeck “! She is in the beginning stages of talking to a Literary agent to get her writings into book form. I am so proud of Her! Please read, enjoy and share! “In Human Training ” will leave you smiling, laughing and wanting to read more!

Pamela Kovacs

Please visit and like my niece’s blog. Not only is it a great read but she is in talks with a literary agent and would like to get her like numbers up.

Kelly Ward

Real life experiences. Happy or sad she tells it with true emotions. A future Irma Bombeck.

Judy Gavin

Real life events expressed beautifully and true. LOVE “Human in Training”!

Karen Meeth

“absolutely love this blog, followed it for sometime before I realized it was my cousins blog 😂😂 i highly recommended this blog for anyone who is trying to be the best human they can be!!!”

Sarah Schultz