Letter To My Daughter: Please Focus On This.

little girl running in the water, being the focus of a woman's letter to my daughter.
Letter To My Daughter: Please Focus On This.

Letter To My Daughter: Please Focus On This.

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To my little girl, a letter to my daughter:

When you made your entrance into this world, I was terrified. All of my fears circled around me being able to take care of you the right way, finding ways to teach you all the things that you would need to know, being a good role model, and showing you the right amount of love.

But what I didn’t anticipate is how much you would end up teaching ME. Even as just a tiny little newborn, you taught me to trust my instincts. Additionally, you showed me that the amount of love that I had went a long way towards meeting your needs. And in return, you gave, and continue to give, endless amounts of love in my direction.

As a mom, I worry about a lot. Even to this day I worry, and you are now five years old! Are you developing appropriately? Do I feed you healthy enough? Have I been reading you enough books?

But there is one thing I do not have to worry about with you.


You are the absolute sweetest, nicest, loving little girl that I have ever met. The things that I witness you say make me stop in my tracks. Compassion is truly at the core of your little heart, and you express it on a daily basis to people all around you.

As a result of my bearing witness to this, what I want to tell you – little girl of mine – is this. I don’t care if you have the highest grades in the class. My concern isn’t that you make the honor roll. I don’t sit up at night worrying that you’ll get academic scholarships when you graduate high school.

All I want is for you to continue being kind.

Please retain the wholesome spirit that you possess as you continue growing. I know that along the way you are bound to experience some bumps in the road that may lead you astray, but please remain true to the person you are. As you continue on your path, I want to encourage you to include the following in your everyday interactions:

  1. Do not make fun of others. Instead, build them up. You don’t need to be the one to make them feel bad about themselves.
  2. Be sure to include people in activities that are alone, or who don’t know anyone. There are times that they just need an invitation. Always be their invitation.
  3. Exude positivity. Don’t be afraid to give compliments. If you like someone’s shirt, tell them so. You never know how long it has been since they were told something that made them smile.
  4. Always say hello and good morning. It’s a small gesture on your part, but can have a big impact on someone else’s day.
  5. Stick up for yourself and for others. When you see someone disrespecting another person, be the one who sticks up for the other. During low points such as that, people need someone in their corner. Be in their corner.
  6. Know that the world is a good place. There are bad moments, but those are just moments. Be safe, but also assume the best of intentions.
  7. Take time to connect with others. Call your family, visit your grandparents. Have dinner with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Don’t be the reason that a friendship falls through the cracks.
  8. Be kind to yourself. Not everything goes according to plan, but that doesn’t make you any less than the wonderful person that you are. On bad days, remember that it is a bad day, not a bad life. You will shine again the next morning.
  9. You are your biggest fan (outside of your mama, that is). Know everyday that you are putting your best foot forward. That you are an amazing asset to this world and that you are destined to do great things.
  10. Be strong, brave, smart and beautiful. Recite this often. Be strong in the actions that you take. Bravery comes in the form of stepping out of your comfort zone. Being smart is not just in your brain, but in your heart as well. And beauty is much more than skin deep. Radiate beauty in the actions that you take and the words that you say.

In conclusion, greatness is within you, child of mine. Because I know and see this, I can’t wait to witness all the lives that you touch and the goals that you accomplish. I wish for you happiness, all throughout your life. And I hope that you accomplish it through showing kindness, both to others and to yourself.

I love you with all of my heart, and then some.

Your Mama


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