Speaking Into Existence Is The Positive Mindset I Need

Woman embracing the world and speaking into existence.
Speaking Into Existence Is The Positive Mindset I Need

Speaking Into Existence Is The Positive Mindset I Need

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Let it be known that if you would have told me a decade ago, or even two years ago, that I would regularly talk to and have conversations with myself in my mid-thirties, I would have looked at you like you were ridiculous.

I would have done this because I personally thought that it was ridiculous, and I even poked fun at people who did so. Namely, my husband.

But as time went on, I started hearing more and more that it was something that successful people did as part of their daily routines. At first, it was just every so often that I would hear about it. But then it started to ramp up. More consistently, I began to hear this on podcasts. Even more frequently, I read this in books. Finally, I just decided to give in and try it. It seemed as though all the cool people were doing so at this point. So I thought that I might as well try it out.

It started with pep talks.

“Okay, Beurmann – you got this.” (Remember how I still reference myself by my maiden name when I’m trying to talk myself into something?)

“You have nothing to be afraid of!”

“Work from your inner strength!”

“Be confident!”

And then it went further.

“You WILL rock this presentation!”

“An agent WILL be interested in your book!”

“Your blog WILL have 1,000 page views a month!”

And you know what I discovered?

Do you know what happened?!

What took place is that by speaking those things outwardly in that specific way, success occurred for me. All of those things REALLY ACTUALLY HAPPENED. I was able to see that speaking into existence is a true, honest thing. And it is absolutely the positive mindset that I need for myself.

In summary, just by the simple act of me telling myself what was going to happen, I gave myself the confidence that I needed to get myself to that outcome.

I walked into the meeting room with confidence and rocked the presentation.

At a meeting with a literary agent, I came knowing that I had a great concept and that somebody out there would feel the same. She did.

I wanted so badly for my blog to be successful, and I put in a ton of work to get it to a different level. I got my 1,000 pageviews the first month!

After that, I was sold for life.

There is so much truth to speaking something into existence. When you do so it puts your brain on the path to success. You don’t need people around you acting as your personal cheerleaders on a daily basis. As nice as it might be to have a lineup of them outside your bedroom door every morning telling you how great and wonderful you are going to do, you don’t need it. You have yourself. And you are, and need to be, your own biggest fan. On the inside, you know what you can accomplish and what skills you have to offer. And by telling yourself and reminding yourself, you put those dreams into motion. Initially on a mental, psychological level and then on a physical one as you execute your dreams.

So now I am taking things higher. I am raising the bar. The things that I want to accomplish will take time, this I know. And I’m okay with that. There will be days that I am frustrated at the timeline, but I must continually remind myself that success isn’t a straight diagonal line going up, up, up. Success is jagged. There will be times that you fail and times that you don’t. But you will always learn and improve.

For me and my future?

Someday I will have a book on store shelves with help from a publisher.

I will have 100,000 pageviews per month on my blog.

And I WILL have a cabin somewhere in Northern Michigan for my family to enjoy.

What will you have?


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