Go Slow To Make The Most Of Your Life

tree in the sunlight, reminding others to go slow in their life.
Go Slow To Make The Most Of Your Life

Go Slow To Make The Most Of Your Life

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Last night, I was laying in bed perusing social media before drifting off. I came across this article that a friend of mine posted. In it a dad pleads with parents to put their family before their jobs. He, a self-proclaimed workaholic, recently lost his eight year old son after the child passed away in his sleep. Even worse, he found out about it seconds after voicing to his coworkers that he couldn’t even remember the last time he actually took a full week of vacation.

This has remained in my head for the majority of the day. Because as humans, we are trained to go, go, go. Anything less is being a slacker or not doing enough. And yes, there are some individuals that fall into that category. However, many more are actually just trying to enjoy this life that they are given.

They are trying to go slow.

I always think to the time that I find myself on my deathbed. What will I be proud of? Will I be sad about some things? What will I regret?

Personally, I do not want any regrets. I want to have the career that I’ve dreamed of, the family that I prayed for and the experiences that I’ve lusted after.

But I have to be cognizant that I am not going to achieve all of these things, in a quality way, immediately.

How am I going to have the family that I’ve dreamed of when I am working 60 hours a week? How will I enjoy any of the experiences I set out to do when I’m worried about the direction of my business every second of the day?

I won’t be able to.

The world as a whole, and most definitely me, needs to remember not to rush life. Life isn’t anything to take for granted. But it’s also not something to sprint through. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Yet, despite popular belief, we need to live like it is. We need to live as though our plans will play out as we desire. This affords us the ability to focus on and be present with our current priority.

When you are on vacation – BE ON VACATION. Put away your emails.

If you are playing with your kids – PLAY WITH YOUR KIDS. Stress about your work obligations later.


If you do, heaven forbid, find yourself on your deathbed tomorrow – wouldn’t you find solace in the fact that you put your heart 100% into everything as it came? That you engaged fully in making memories with those you loved? And even more so that your legacy is going to be built on quality actions instead of harried, stressful ones?

Go slow. Live life. Live it like tomorrow is guaranteed. Turn off the phone, schedule the vacation, snuggle your babies. Make the memories.


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