A Nastygram I Wrote Resulted In Sympathy

a sad woman who is the subject of a nastygram
A Nastygram I Wrote Resulted In Sympathy

A Nastygram I Wrote Resulted In Sympathy

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I wanted to continue the theme from my post last week about happiness and kindness.

Recently I had a situation that came up where I felt like I was being treated unfairly. I was so upset, I couldn’t function correctly. I was losing sleep, eating horrible foods, not exercising. Every day I would fight back the tears that were threatening to jump out of my eyeballs at any given second.

Writing is a therapy for me, so I finally went to it. It couldn’t hurt anything, and based on previous experiences it would probably even make me feel better.

I decided to deviate from my normal method of keyboard and computer and took out a piece of paper and a pen. Well actually I took out a full legal pad of paper because I was really mad and felt like I would need copious amounts of space to get it all out.

The pen was in my hand and I got ready to write. I was going to put it all out there, letter style. I was going to write out how angry and hurt I was via a nastygram. Through my words I was going to get out all of the aggression and sadness that was building up inside of me.

And then I was going to rip it up and toss it out.

I always knew that I wouldn’t give it to the targeted person. There was no need for that. I just wanted to get it all out of my system.

As I started writing, the weirdest thing happened. Instead of filling the first sentence with numerous expletives like I had thought, my hand gently glided to form the words:

“I am sorry for whatever is happening in your life that is making you so miserable.”

WHAT? That’s not a nastygram!

That is not what was in my head. What was in my head was far more severe than that.

But my heart and my head were not in the same place. My head and brain were overthinking and angry and my heart knew the truth. And I was writing from the heart.

There are so many times in life where we feel slighted by others and don’t know the full backstory. This is something I am constantly challenging myself to remember. Their sharp words or rude behavior may hurt me for a bit of time, but it’s a result of something much worse happening in theirs.

We don’t know what happens when a person walks away from us. But what we do know is that we don’t have to contribute to the difficult times in their lives. We can make it a priority within ourselves to add joy to a person’s day instead of despair. Instead of yelling back, we can give space. Although we may want to seek revenge, we can join together.

A little bit goes a long way, and I know that kindness contributes a great deal to happiness. And we all deserve to be happy.

Be kind to one another.


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