10 Personal Achievements I Can Accomplish When Forced

10 Personal Achievements I Can Accomplish When Forced; goals; life lessons
10 Personal Achievements I Can Accomplish When Forced

10 Personal Achievements I Can Accomplish When Forced

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I’m 35.

Frickin 35 years old.

You know where I was a year ago? Starting this blog of mine. Being so unhappy with the person that I was, forcing myself to change. And, wanting to get it done, I gave myself a time limit of one year to do it in.  As a lover of competition, even with myself, I knew this would be a motivator. One of those “shit or get off the pot” type of situations. I wanted to look myself in the mirror in exactly a year and be happy with what I saw.

And guess what?

I conquered that challenge!

By forcing myself to change I came out a champ! I am the victor of many personal achievements!

I’m not yet 100% where I want to be, but I’m definitely much closer. I’m so happy to be at a point in my life where I would actually like to be friends with myself, if given the option. Before I couldn’t stand to be in my own skin. Now I am an advocate for others around me. I’m NICE. I was nice before. Now I’m NICE. And it makes your heart feel so much lighter when you’re genuinely NICE.

Consolidating my learnings into ten things that have been most impactful for me over the past year is tough! There are so many things. But I obviously love a challenge, so let’s go!

10 Personal Achievements I Can Accomplish When Forced

1. Realizing that very few opinions matter. I listen to Rachel Hollis’ podcast and one day she said something that stuck with me instantly. In talking about getting to a point where negative opinions don’t bother you, her advice is to think of what they are coming down on you for. Are they criticizing your outfit of the day and how your shoes don’t match your bag? Well take a look at them. Did they just step off of a runway or is their name Armani? Then how does their opinion matter in any way? It doesn’t.

2. Understanding that determination is better than motivation. I may not be motivated every day to workout. But the fact that I keep doing it, even if the workouts come a week apart, shows that I have determination. The strength of never giving up holds more than the desire to do it.

3. I can leave the past where it is. Even though I’m still healing from many things that have hurt me, it doesn’t do me any good to continue dwelling on them. I am better at putting a pin in them and moving on with the rest of my life.

4. Knowing that there is a higher being. For me, it’s God. For others it’s something else. But I know that there is someone out there who is guiding me down a path. I have no idea where the path ends, but I know that windows and doors and whole freeways are opening up for me that are not just my doing.

5. Getting the concept that some things aren’t worth the fight. I have always defended myself and fought for what I have felt was right. But I can now read the situation and determine if it’s even worth my energy. Often my energy is better put to use in my interactions with my family or in my writing, not in defending myself or something.

6. I can surround myself with positivity. I used to be a person that was the center of gossip. Not only did I enjoy partaking in it, but others swarmed to me with it. Nothing good comes from gossip. Everything good comes when you strategically pick who surrounds you based on their morals, ethics and standards.

7. I can finally have no jealous feelings. I used to get so upset when someone else would have pictures of a great vacation or gorgeous flowers that they were gifted. If someone got a promotion that wasn’t me, I was so jealous. I felt like less of a person. Now I know that is absolutely not the case, and that I am on a different path than others. If we were all on the same path, nothing would be exciting, would it?

8. Knowing that nothing is a dead end. I would get so exasperated when a plan wouldn’t pan out like I had hoped. I would just throw in the towel and be done with it. But why? Just because one road closes doesn’t mean that they all do. Even here in Michigan with all the road construction you can still find a few open roads haha. If you want it enough, there is a way out there for you to reach your goals.

9. I prioritize mental health. This is more important than most other things. Without your mental health being in a good place you are not what you need to be for your family, your job or yourself. Mental Health > everything else.

10. Learning that vulnerability isn’t a negative. It doesn’t paint you as weak, it paints you as real. Nobody has a perfect life, no matter what their social media looks like. When you are real to others, they are real to you in return. And real is so much better to be surrounded with than fakeness.

Onward and upward! No going in reverse!


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