Turning 40: Bucket List Of 40 Things To Accomplish

Turning 40: Bucket List Of 40 Things To Accomplish
Turning 40: Bucket List Of 40 Things To Accomplish

Turning 40: Bucket List Of 40 Things To Accomplish

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You guys.

This is it!

We are at the end.

This year-long personal journey has wrapped up almost as fast as it started.

The year started on a whim and is ending like a lion. So much has happened to this human in training in the past 365 (almost) days with my personal development, and yet there is so much still to come (I can’t wait to tell you about 40 ways I’m spending the next five years!)

Because of this whirlwind year, I will need to take time to reflect on all of the learnings that I have had. In particular, I will need to review the place I was in at the beginning of this journey. Remember me running around with no shirt and covered in poop? Even so, this doesn’t mean that I am not fully ready to stampede into the next phase of my life! I have been thinking about this for a while. At first, I was sad that this 34th year of life project was coming to an end. Because of this past year, I am a completely different person. Due to that, I don’t want to pause my efforts. Too much good has come from it all. With this in mind, I realized that my work on myself this blog doesn’t have to end.

Why should I stop?

And while it is true that I am turning another year older, the fact of the matter is that I don’t have to stop improving myself. In truth, it’s just the opposite. If I were to halt the momentum that I have going right now, it would consequently not benefit me at all. I am a firm believer that you are never perfect, and moreover, you are always on a learning journey. At the same time, you should always strive to be your best. In summary, this blog has helped me to continue on that path.

Why would I just stop doing something that works so well?

Because that would be the most ridiculous thing, wouldn’t it?  Furthermore, it would be completely illogical. As an illustration, if your car is acting up and you find what makes it run correctly again, would you just uninstall the repair? No! Why would I stop blogging when the results have shown over and over again that it is improving my life? I wouldn’t. For this reason, and many others, I decided that this would not be the end of my life journey. So I will continue to challenge myself in new ways to continue my learning. Also I will dedicate myself to 40 ways I’m spending the next five years. With all of that being said, finally, as a result of the past year’s success, I bring you –

Turning 40: Bucket List Of 40 Things To Accomplish

I have decided that on the way to turning 40 I will make a bucket list of 40 things that I hope to accomplish by the time I hit 40 years old. So that gives me five years. Which is also five years to grow, learn, prosper and thrive. The thought process behind making proper goals is extensive, as I have learned in the process. This article by Groom+Style nails it perfectly.

  1. Read 40 books – physical books, not an e-book or audiobook
  2. Have another baby
  3. Publish a book
  4. Take a solo trip
  5. Take an international trip
  6. Forever cut off fast food
  7. Forever cut off pop
  8. Reach my goal weight
  9. Learn to make fancy coffee
  10. Make a cupcake good enough to sell
  11. Run an entire 5k without stopping
  12. Make 2k per month in writing revenue
  13. Grow a garden that doesn’t die
  14. Go camping…without a hotel.
  15. Update my will
  16. Contribute to the kids’ college fund
  17. Cure my sugar addiction
  18. Explore writing as a full-time job
  19. Find a date night babysitter
  20. Have a date night with my husband
  21. Visit Ben and Jerry’s Factory
  22. See NYC at Christmas
  23. Learn Something New
  24. Get to 10k followers on this blog
  25. Add a dog to our family
  26. Continue going to church and learning more about God
  27. Take time to lay in the grass and stare at the clouds
  28. Control my OCD by diet and exercise and not medication
  29. Learn how to knit
  30. Learn enough of a new language to have a legit conversation with someone
  31. Participate in 5 professional development opportunities
  32. Renew my vows (with a limo, I’ve never been in a limo)
  33. Grow my retirement (hopefully lots)
  34. Celebrate NYE in some way (not just sitting at home and falling asleep)
  35. Start and fully complete (ON TIME) a workout program
  36. Create a motivational tribe
  37. Participate in one full self-care day each month
  38. Create a gym in my basement
  39. Take myself from “glass half empty” to “glass half full”
  40. Be fully happy and content with my life.

Are you with me? Will you follow me on this journey? I would love to have you along for Turning 40: Bucket List Of 40 Things To Accomplish


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