Intense Trampoline Workout That Burns 400 Calories!

people doing an intense trampoline workout at a park
Intense Trampoline Workout That Burns 400 Calories!

Intense Trampoline Workout That Burns 400 Calories!

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We have been wading through illness here in the Meyer house. It’s been rough. It’s almost always an event for us at the beginning of each new year. I had bronchitis to start us off, then our daughter had some kind of bug, then the baby had RSV, and then the husband didn’t want to be left out so he went on and contracted strep throat to round it out. We’ve steadily had two different humidifiers going, washed bedding several times over, sterilized, medicated, vitamined, etc. The Meyer’s are ready for better weather and better health. Please pass it our way if you are able.


I’ve started a new type of workout! Are you ready for it? Skyzone.

I Burned 400 Calories With An Intense Trampoline Workout!

I learned that they had a workout class on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s so I went to try it out. They say you can burn up to 1000 calories in a 1-hour session. So with that, I decided to take my workouts to Skyzone! I didn’t get to that high of a calorie level though, I hit around 450 calories. However, when I went to pay I realized that they have memberships available – one for $9.99 a month and one for $14.99. The difference between the two is that with the $14.99 you get 50% off anyone you bring with you. So I got that one, and have been going quite a bit, both with the toddler and without. I went yesterday and my legs were screaming at me afterward.

The workout class was comical….at best.

There were six of us total in the class, four of us being there for the first time. For the warm-up, you go around the big area, basically doing laps while jumping. These two youth’s that were regulars jumped right in and went pretty much Mach 5 around the area.

I jumped in, realized I was not them, and promptly faceplanted on the trampoline.

I wish I could say this was a one-off occurrence, but it was not. My face met the trampoline several times during the warm-up alone, and once during the actual workout. So there’s that.

However, I survived, and I already paid for the membership, so I have to keep trying.

I haven’t had the chance to go back for a class again, but have been just regular jumping, and it’s amazing how quickly your body reacts. Initially, I would burn between 10-20 calories per minute and my body hurt everywhere the next day, but after just a few times I only burn 10 per minute and my body recovers without pain. That’s because my body has adjusted itself to the new level of fitness that I am in, even if it’s only slightly higher. That means my heart isn’t working as much and my body isn’t burning as many calories as it did.

This is a good thing, it means I’m getting healthier from the inside out, so I’ll take it.

It also means I need to keep pushing myself to new and higher levels so that my progress doesn’t get stagnant.

So you might see me faceplant a few more times if we go together and I try to pretend that I’m a youth and pull some crazy moves to burn a few more calories. It’s fine if you move to the other side of the building because I’m making a fool out of myself, I understand. No hard feelings.


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