Sugar Cravings Are Too Much, And It’s About To Stop

jar of chocolate chip cookies, perfect for sugar cravings
Sugar Cravings Are Too Much, And It’s About To Stop

Sugar Cravings Are Too Much, And It’s About To Stop

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Guys, I did something.

This is something that may not be a huge deal to others, so don’t fret. I didn’t kill anyone, I promise. I don’t need financial assistance to pay legal bills. All the same, it’s a big thing for me.

I made the decision to go without sugar for the entire month of February.

This means no cookies and cupcakes. I’M A BAKER, HOW?

This means no coffee creamer.

Hello, unsweetened and boring almond milk.

This means no Biggby runs. Because I am not paying for boring coffee. If I’m going to Biggby, the funds expended are going to be worth it. I can have boring coffee at home for much cheaper, with the boring and unsweetened almond milk.


This Mom Doesn’t Settle For Boring Coffee

This means avoiding the copious candy dishes at work and not putting powdered sugar on my french toast.

And this is just to name a few.

For clarity, I picked February because it’s the shortest month. Realistically, if I can’t manage for 28 days, can I really call myself a strong woman?

But damn. This is going to be difficult.

Evenings are always the hardest for me. My sweet tooth rears its ugly head and next thing you know, I’m engaging in a Little Debbie Cosmic Brownie or whipping up a batch of cookies.


I’m participating in a Secret Cupid exchange at work, and I put Little Debbie Brownies on my list because I love them. This was clearly before I made this life-altering decision, and I hope they forget that I listed that.

However, and I’ve talked about this before, how can I see myself in a different light than what I do addicts? Clearly, I have a solid addiction to sugar. That’s undisputed at this point. But if I can’t go 28 days without caving and giving into a sugar addiction, how can I judge people who only go a week and pick up a pack of cigarettes or a beer?

I need to do this. For a few different reasons:

  1. I need to show sugar who’s boss. Seriously, I cannot let this ingredient, this tiny little thing in the world, have such control of me. Because it’s my life, not yours, sugar. Quit looking at me, sugar!
  2. I need to know that I can do it. The fact that I picked the shortest month speaks volumes. It’s going to be tough for me. I want to know that I have it within myself to push back and stay strong.
  3. I need to increase my health. No, the doctor has not ordered this and I’m not in any medical turmoil, but we all know that sugar isn’t the greatest thing to put into your body. Plus, it contributes to anxiety (much like caffeine, but I’m not ready for that yet) and I can definitely stand to reduce that. I’ve had a few times this past week where my anxiety has spontaneously flared up and I hate that feeling.

But let me be clear, this isn’t like a total cold turkey approach. This is more the Nicorette approach. I am still eating fruit and things that contain fake or natural sugars. Natural being that it’s fruit, not because I bought it in the organic section. And even with the fake stuff, I’m limiting it to the occasional diet pop. I’m not stocking up on sugar-free pudding cups over here to fight my sugar craving. I’m giving it a good, old fashioned try.

Also, I am going to attempt to follow the method in the book 21 Day Sugar Detox.

It looks promising, hopefully it helps.

Yesterday was day 1. For whatever reason, it was not difficult. I’m sure that will change in time. Today was a tad more challenging, as I took the family with me to go grocery shopping. Grocery shopping is a task that should always be done solo, or with a non-verbal tiny baby. We left with sugary cereal and chocolate covered pretzels. And I walked in and out of Trader Joe’s, without anything snacky outside of animal crackers. Aren’t you impressed? I am. Yet, even with these items in my house, I haven’t caved and eaten them. Yes, they’ve only been here for a few short hours, but we are taking baby steps here people.

And do you know what happens when you blab your plan all over your blog? People know what you’re up to. And then they ask how your progress is going. And they stare you down when they catch you eye fornicating baked goods. It’s called accountability. Or nagging. But either way, it helps when people know what you’re getting yourself into.

So if you see me, analyze me first to make sure I am not smuggling a LDCB (Little Debbie Cosmic Brownie) and then ask me how it’s going. In fact, ask me how many days it’s been – because I guarantee I will have an exact number for you. And that’s good because it means that I am strong and doing what I set out to do.

Also, pray for those around me. Because it’s going to be a tough 28 days.

I Have Too Many Sugar Cravings, And It’s All About To Stop!


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