Alcohol Addiction and Oreo Dependence Are Quite Similar

a glass with an oreo ice cream sundae and a cherry on top, which isn't any better than alcohol addition.
Alcohol Addiction and Oreo Dependence Are Quite Similar

Alcohol Addiction and Oreo Dependence Are Quite Similar

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Geez, the year is just ticking by.

I have made so much progress already, and I really like it.


There’s always a however. Just like there’s always a but.

However, there’s always more progress to be made.

Something I’ve always struggled with is my physical health. A lot of it has resulted from my emotional health (stress eating anyone?). But that’s not the entire reason for it. It’s also just because of sheer laziness and lack of motivation/determination.

I had a realization at some point in the past year. How can I come down on drug addicts, alcohol addiction and smokers for not getting rid of a bad habit that affects their life drastically? How am I any better? I don’t smoke or do drugs, but I overeat. I don’t exercise like I should. That puts me at risk for many health issues, just like smokers, those with alcohol addiction and drug addicts. Health issues that could possibly take me away from my family if not remedied, just like the other issues. How am I in a place to judge others when I’m a mess too?

So, to all of those people out there – I see you.

I understand the struggle.

Alcohol Addiction and Oreo Dependence Are Quite Similar.

So I need to make a real push to get that under control. I went in July and met with a nutritionist, I’ve had several fitness consultations at my job, and I recently won two free personal training sessions there too as part of an org-wide fitness challenge.

Do you know what else I won?

72nd place in the SuperHero 5k!

Yup! You’re reading the writings of the girl who shaved 6.5 minutes off her personal best 5k time and left 32 other people in her dust last Saturday. On a whim, I decided on August 4th that I was going to sign up. It was the day of my daughter’s SuperHero birthday party. After the party, we stopped by Meijer and there was a flyer advertising the upcoming run. I showed it to the family and decided it would be a good challenge to aim for. I then went home and immediately signed up before I could change my mind. Once you pay the fee, it’s a waste to chicken out – right?

Now, don’t be thinking I’m going to get an ego about this. I agree, this is a moment to be cocky, but there’s also still some work to do.

What I can tell you is: I came, I saw and I CONQUERED! Damn, I’m good.

Will there be another 5k? Maybe. Not anytime soon. Will there be other personal goals to accomplish? Of course. And I will be working on those. But in the meantime, I am going to continue to push myself, day by day and little by little.

To do this, I need to make it a priority. I am very fortunate that not only do I have a gym at work, but I also get paid to work out. Yes, you read that correctly. As a benefit to us, if we participate in a series of requirements we can earn up to several hundred dollars per year, or credits towards our health insurance premiums. I have always taken advantage of this, but never as much as I have this past year. This is partly because they changed the program a bit in that it’s more engaging, but also because I’ve just invested more of myself into it.

I have a workout plan that the trainers have created for me, and I’m making a push to utilize it. One of the best things they told me during my consultations is to keep your body guessing. Don’t let it get into the routine of expecting the same thing every day. Try out new workouts often. I took this to heart and tried cardio drumming one day during lunch, as they offer classes in the gym as well. It was a blast. And I burned an insane amount of calories. I also threw my drumstick across the room during a particularly fabulous move, but that’s beside the point.

Nobody was injured, that’s all that matters.

It’s been fun trying out new things and seeing what other options there are. I also did a trial Orange Theory class. Let’s debrief that experience. First of all, I way overestimated myself. I classified myself as a jogger.

Shut up Kristyn, nothing about you is a jogger.

You’re a walk-jogger at best. A wogger.

Anyway, I was about 12 steps behind everyone else in the class (I was also the only first-timer there at that time, so it’s not completely my fault). I also didn’t follow instructions correctly and about killed myself with the weights routine. And then I had an unfortunate incident on the treadmill when I was “jogging” where my contact slid off it’s designated eyeball spot and I had to take a break to get it back where it belonged. I’m guessing at that point I was sweating so much that it was coming out of my eyeballs, and that’s what caused it to happen.

Anyway, I was a hot mess for that 60 minutes, but it was actually an awesome workout. It was an experience that I don’t regret, I’m glad that I tried it out. But no, I’m not signing up for the membership any time soon.

Also, I am now an official Noom user. I don’t know if you all are familiar, but it’s an app that assigns you coaches to help you meet your goals. And they nag you. Which is exactly what I need. If you don’t follow through, they send you messages through the app. In the event that you still don’t follow through, they resort to texting you until you do.


They assigned me a nice coach named Mindi. Right now, Mindi is quite kind because I’m doing what I’m supposed to. I don’t want to make Mindi upset, she’s a nice lady. So I’m going to do my best to keep Mindi on my good side. And in turn, my body will reap the benefits.

I am going to set my priorities to be:

  1. Schedule workout times into my calendar (I do this, but not as regularly as I should).
  2. Actually use these times to workout.
  3. Not piss off Mindi.

I am hoping for the best! I need to make my physical fitness an important pillar in my life. And there’s no time like the present.


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  1. Rosy says:

    Awesome! You are doing great! I wish I had done this when I was your age. Keep up the good work! Also, can you get me a job where you work? Hashtag jokingnotjoking!

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